For First-Time Patients


1 Outpatient check-in hours (both for the first visit and for return visits)

Reception Hours

Except Sundays, National holidays and December 29-January 3 Some departments do not have afternoon consultation, please check before your visit. Emergency or urgent cares are provided 24hours/7days


Morning consultation
Afternoon consultation
Except Sundays, Holidays and December 29-January 3 Some departments do not have afternoon consultation, please check before your visit. Emergency or urgent cares are provided 24hours/7days If you want to have specialty consultation, you need a reservation.
● First-visit patients for Internal Medicine are checked by the doctors of general internal medicine in order, according to the severity of their symptoms.
● Please kindly understand in advance that we provide care to the most critical patients first not first-come and first-serve. You may have a long wait time if there are other patients requiring immediate care and treatment.
● Patients who want to see a doctor on the morning consultation must arrive before 11:30AM.
● The reservation time may be delayed depending on the proceeding of the consultation. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
● Specialty outpatient clinics need reservations, please call before visit.
● Please call us when you can’t visit at the reservation time, we will make new reservation.
● Please check doctor’s no consultation days because of attending medical conferences and other reasons.

What to bring to your first visit to our hospital.

  • Japanese health insurance certificate (original)
  • Japanese health insurance certificate for elderly (original)
  • Certificate of the beneficiary of publicly funded health care (original), etc.
  • Residence card or passport (for those who do not have a residence card)
  • Patient Referral documents (if you have one)
  • Your patient ID card (if you have one)
  • Your prescription record (if you are currently on medication)

    2 About  “Fee for treatment of patients' choice”

    To coordinate the allocation of functions and activities among medical institutions, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has instituted a system under which a patient is required to pay a fee fixed by each institution, in addition to the fee for the first visit, if the patient is visiting a hospital with 200 or more beds without being referred by another authorized insurance medical institution.
    If you are a new patient to this hospital and you do not have a referral letter (a patient referral document) from another authorized insurance medical institution, you will therefore be asked to pay a "fee for treatment of patients' choice " in addition to the first visit fee. 
    If you undergo specific health care that is publicly funded or if you are taken to the hospital by ambulance, you are not required to pay this fee.
    ● First visit "fee for treatment of patients' choice"  7,700 yen (5,500 yen for dentist)
    If you visit our hospital for the first time without a referral letter, you will be charged "fee for treatment  of patients' choice". As of April 1 st, 2024, the cost of "fee for treatment of patients' choice" at our hospital will be "
    ● Revisit "fee for treatment of patients' choice" 3,300 yen (2,090 yen for dentist)
    If you have completed treatment at our hospital and wish to receive treatment for the same symptoms, a referral letter from your primary physician or other health care provider is required.
     If you do not have one, you will be charged 3,300 yen (2,090 yen for dentist) as "fee for follow-up treatment of patients' choice" Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  

    3 Making appointments

    Appointment for the first visit

    We do NOT accept appointments for first-time patients. Some departments do not provide consultation to patients without reservation on certain days, so please check on the doctor’s no consultation day page. If you make an appointment, please contact us by email. Please note that you may be required to wait for some time even though you have an appointment.

    Changing an appointment

    Appointment changes are also accepted by email. The receptionist will usually speak Japanese only. We request that you to be accompanied by your interpreter when you visit the hospital so that we can provide you with the best possible medical care. E-mail address: Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00PM (weekday)

    the First Visit Patient

    Access Map is here

    fill out the Registration Form

    Please fill out the "Registraton Form" on the table next to the first-time patient reception desk(No.1).

    Each department reception desk

    You will receive a medical questionnaire which you are requested to fill out as accurately as possible so that your doctor can provide appropriate help. Please understand that the first visit could take up to half a day including examinations.


    When your name is called at the department,please enter the consultation room.

    Checkout counter

    When your consultation is completer,please proceed to the cashier.Please submit the complete file to the checkout counter.You will be given an accounting ticket.The number on the ticket is to inform you when the payment is ready.


    Please pay medical fee with your patient ID card at an adjustment machine once your number is shown on the digital board.

    For those who prescribed medicine

    If you are prescribed medicine,a medicine voucher will be issued along with the receipt.The number on medicine voucher is to inform you when your medicine is ready.The digital board will indicate your prescription number. Please pick up your medicine at pharmacy in the hospital.