How to consult the Emergency Room


How to consult the Emergency Room

Call Tamagawa Hospital at: +81-3-3700-1151 (main number)

During the daytime on weekdays, the Emergency Room only accepts ambulances and patients in critical condition who cannot consult the General Outpatient Unit.
Be sure to call and consult with us before any emergency visit, since the hospital may be packed with patients.
The telephone correspondence out of the business hours becomes Japanese only.
If you are a foreign language speaker,it might be better to ask someone for help to make the phone call.
We request that you to be accompanied by your interpreter when you visit the hospital so that we can provide you with the best possible medical care.

Information to be provided over the phone

Explain that you would like to visit to the Emergency Room. A ER nurse will respond to the call.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • condition (since when and a description)
  • Approximate time to examination

Whether the patient has consulted with us before; if he/she has, and if patient ID number is available, notify it to us.

Items to be brought to the Emergency Room

  • Health insurance certificate (original)
  • health insurance certificate for the elderly (original)
  • certificate of the beneficiary of publicly funded health care (original), etc.

For a return visit with a patient ID card
If available, bring the patient's medicine notebook or prescription (for patients on medication)


After arrival at the hospital

Check in by yourself at the guard station that is located to the back left from the front entrance.
(If you have a referral letter from another facility, present it at the time of check-in.)
Go to Examination Room 99. Wait in the waiting room until your name is called.
If you feel sick, the pain escalates, you feel abnormal, or there is any other change in your condition while you are waiting, report to a nurse without hesitation.


Important notices

The Emergency Room prioritizes treatment based on the severity of condition. Therefore, the order of examination may be changed, or you may have to wait for a long time.
Also note in advance that only limited tests can be performed on holidays and at night.
In principle, only the minimum required internal drugs can be prescribed.
Doctors who respond on holidays and at night do not necessarily specialize in your requested disease. However, when urgency is required, specialized doctors are contacted and treatment is provided under their instruction. Images and blood test data are later reviewed by the specialized doctors.
Our hospital does not provide pediatric service on holidays and at night.