Floor guide

Incidental facilities

Post Public phone Vending machine
Taxi stop Public phone is next to Meeting room,1st floor. Vending machine is next to Meeting room,Nighttime entrance.
Restaurant"Blue bird" Convenience store
food,cafe food,drink,health&care items,ATM,Utility bills window,Delivery Service
Business hours Weekday,Sat 9:00~16:30/Sun,Holiday 11:00~16:00 business hours Weekday 7:30~20:00/Sat 8:00~19:00/Sun,Holiday 9:00~19:00

No smoking on the premises.


Our hospital has been working to ban smoking in our hospital facilities, but in consideration of the health effects of smoking, the prevention of passive smoking, and the enforcement of the Health Promotion Act, we will ban smoking on March 1, 2015 (Sunday). Smoking is completely prohibited on the premises of our hospital.
As a local medical institution, we will strive to help improve the health of everyone, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.