Things to bring on the day of hospitalization


Things to bring on the day of hospitalization

A kit of goods required for hospitalization may be rented. (It called amenities support system) No reservation is required.
The kit is available on the day of application.
If you do not use this system, you need to take home clothes after changing in consideration of infection prevention.

What to prepare
□ Underwear, Diapers □ Mask (Non-woven fabric)
□ Shoes (Sandals and slippers are prohibited) Please wear shoes that cover your toes and heels.
□ The medicine you are currently taking □ Medicine record or information sheet
□ Earphones □ Mobile charger
□ Face wash, skin lotion etc. □ Comb
□ Electric shaver * no T or I shaped razors may be brought.

If you do not use this system, please bring the following as well.

Amenities support system ( kit of goods)
□ Nightwear □ Diapers
□ Towels □ Socks
□ Tissue paper □ Sport clothes for rehabilitation
□ Toiletries (Oral care items, Denture polish, Denture case)
□ Dining apron * Please use a disposable apron.

Prohibited items

Scissors, Razor, Bedding, Cushions, Lighter, Cigarette (including electric cigarette), Liquor, Pot, Hairdryer, Even the fragile such as pottery, law food and flower etc.

Permanent fixtures

Microwave, Toaster oven, Spoon, Chopsticks, Washbasin, Basin chair, Body soap, Shampoo with rinse, TV, Refrigerator and Hairdryer.
There is one TV and one refrigerator for each person.
If you wish to use the TV or refrigerator, you will need to apply for the Amenity Support System type D (440 yen / day tax included) .