Instructions during a stay at the hospital


1Management of personal property

 Dentures and hearing aids tend to become lost during tests and procedures. Keep them in a case.


2Management of valuables

 Bring only essential valuables to the hospital. A safety box is installed in the hospital room. Keep the key to the safety box to yourself. If you need to bring valuables in for special reasons, you may deposit them in the safe at our Accounting Section after consulting your ward manager.


3Etiquette in the hospital room

 Talking on a mobile phone or meeting many people in the hospital room annoys other patients. Please use the visiting room.



 At Tamagawa Hospital, each inpatient is requested to put on a wristband to guarantee their safety. Following admission to the hospital, a wristband is put on the patient after confirming his/her name, and asking on which arm is preferable to attach the band.