Nissan Tamagawa Hospital

Priority Medical Institution for Referral and Consultations

On April 1, 2024, our hospital was certified by Tokyo prefecture as a “Referral Priority Medical Institution”.
Referral priority medical institutions provide medical care for outpatients who require advanced procedures, chemotherapy, etc., as well as patients who require specialized examinations and treatment with advanced medical equipment and facilities.
The purpose of this system is to clarify outpatient functions, strengthen cooperation in the community and facilitate patient flow.
For consultation and daily health care, please see your family doctor, and if necessary, receive a referral and visit a Referral Priority Medical Institution.
Once your condition has stabilized, you return to your family doctor with a reverse referral.
You can visit our hospital without referral. However, you will be charged “Fee for treatment of patients’ choice” without a referral.
Click here for details on fee for treatment of patients’ choice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Beyond the department of medical treatment, to any disease.

As a public benefit foundation corporation, Tamagawa Hospital has a public mission to make a great contribution to society, and constantly strives to provide the best medical care mainly for patients. Currently, emergency medical treatment is accepting more than 4,000 ambulances annually, mainly emergency department, and we strive to be able to respond to every kind of medical treatment by cooperating various departments according to the medical condition.